About Mogul

What We Do

“To buy and to hold”

Many of our clients come to us with the hope of finding a property that they’ve been imagining for months, sometimes years. Sometimes that’s a new home, sometimes that’s an investment property. In either case our background in both areas of real estate allow us to offer our clients a full spectrum of real estate services, including property management, and our client-focused approach ensures that you’re getting the best service possible to help you find a property that will suit your goals, whether that’s a place to hang your hat or a property to nurture your nest egg.

Moving on, moving out

If you’re looking to list and sell a property, we’ve got your back. Our agents are dedicated to giving your needs as a seller their upmost attention. From marketing, open houses and offering your property to our buyer’s list, we’re able to take your home or investment property to and off market with a bevy of resources unique to an investor-friendly realty company.

Three Companies, One Call

In any given real estate deal there’s always a lot of moving parts. That’s why Peter has handbuilt a trio of companies that offer a solution, not just a referral, for the many of the issues that come up during and well after a real estate transaction.

We’ll be by your side through out the search, through contracts and negotiations, and long after closing. For example, many of our clients who buy homes through Mogul Realty have us also do upgrades and roofing repairs through STL Renovation years down the line. Like the title says, three companies, one call.

Life is complicated enough. Keep it simple when you can.

Here’s the breakdown of our services, by company:

Mogul Realty: Our determined agents help you find and buy a property, or sell your property.
STL Renovation: Handles renovations, repairs, roofing and contractors. Also a stand-alone contracting company.
Mogul Property Management LLC: Markets vacant units, handles leasing, maintains and handles issues at the property, collects rents, sends you your checks and keeps you updated about ongoings at your property.

That’s a simple overview. You can learn more about our services here, shoot us an email or give us a call to talk about your investment goals and how we can help.