Peter MacKercher | Broker and Owner

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Peter started in real estate in July of 2003 during the summer of his junior year at Webster University. One night he realized all his friends were renters, and if that was the case, then they might as well rent from him. So he went out and found a four-family that had, quite literally, been firebombed. A full-gut rehab later he started his investing career as an owner-occupant and has been in the biz ever since. Peter graduated with a degree in business and, diploma in hand, started a renovation and roofing company, later becoming a Realtor. 2009 was a big year: Peter was named one of the Business Journal’s 30 Under 30 for 2009. That same year he started Mogul Realty, his real estate brokerage, and then later opened his property management company.

As Mogul and STL Renovation have grown Peter has shifted more and more into a captain’s role, as he likes to say. After nearly two decades doing everything from construction, leasing, agent work, and more, Peter is now mostly “steering the ship” (he also likes to say that), ensuring that the companies, employees and clients are all steaming along. While he’s spending more time on higher-level goals, he’s always just a call away. Peter also makes a point to host his own monthly Meetup, Dinner with a Mentor, and also sponsors another.

Outside of real estate, Peter a happy husband and proud father of two kiddos (and one doggo). After years of long hours he’s happy to get back home and spend time with his growing clan. Peter’s an avid home brewer and is a past president of the St. Louis Brews. Peter is a man of many talents, and has a knack for casually mentioning his time spent sailing, or mountaineering, or working on his pilot’s license, or his years in competitive archery, or… you get the idea.