Mogul Property Management proudly offers our clients the use of AppFolio, a property management software that allows us to offer clients in-depth access to the ongoings of their properties, all online. AppFolio benefits everyone involved, from owners to tenants (and us!). Thanks to increased efficiency in-office we’re able to simplify everything involved in using us as your management company.

Owner Portal

After signing up for our owner portal with an email address, owners can log in and see a complete summary of everything that’s happening at their property, anytime, any day. This gives owners more access, a heightened feeling of involvement (even if you’re states away) and, importantly, more free time since simple curiosity about your property can be satisfied with a few clicks of your mouse.

Direct Owner Payments

Perhaps the most exciting feature we can offer our clients is the ability for us to make direct ACH deposits into their accounts when we’re paying out their income. No more mailed checks: it’s your money, don’t wait for it.

Owner Statements

Those payments come with a complete financial statement that details everything that occurred at the property for that payment period, so owners have unparalleled knowledge about how their properties are doing. Combining the benefits of AppFolio with our tried-and-true, owner-focused approach to management lets us serve our clients with the best technology and the best client care possible.

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