Invest in St. Louis Real Estate: Acquisitions & Sales

When it comes to investing in St. Louis real estate, numerous pieces of the puzzle must fit together, but at the heart of any real estate business is just the comprehensive understanding of the buying and selling of real estate. Mogul Realty is a full-service Realtor and real estate brokerage. Our realtor services are backed by over a decade of not only buying and selling real estate, but owning, managing, and renovating it as well. In-depth investment potential consulting comes standard with every St. Louis home sale and real estate deal we broker.

Receive training on sales from our experts


Mogul Realty stands above and beyond other realtors when you want to invest in St. Louis real estate, thanks to our experience as investors, renovators, and investment managers. When we see a property, we see more than just the square footage and occupancy. We see repairs that are too costly and too time-consuming. Yet, we also know when repairs are worth every penny and will add to the life and profitability of a potential investment. The first step is understanding you and your goals when you invest in real estate in St. Louis. Then, we can narrow down the number of listings based on what is best for you and your future as a real estate investor.


Like all realtors, we are licensed to buy and sell real estate. Unlike all realtors we have long-term, existing relationships with a client base of investors. So, while we will put your real estate listing in the St. Louis area up on the usual real estate boards, we will also offer it to investors who we know might be interested. This often results in faster sales and better prices than what you’d get from other real estate brokerages.

Sometimes, our usual methods are not enough to find just the right buyer for some investments and home sales in the St. Louis area. In those cases, we pull out the stops to stage events, open houses, traveling information campaigns, and other promotions. Whether or not you use any of our other services, we will stop at nothing to sell your property for you.

“It was a pleasure working with Peter and his team at Mogul Realty. Peter was always available for questions and provided a seamless process I locating and purchasing my home. I highly recommend Mogul Realty and look forward to working together again in the future.” - Micheal P

“Peter MacKercher was on top of his game when he showed up 5 minutes early to show us an investment property. Outstanding knowledge of the area, rental expectations, marketing the units, etc. Missed on the offer, but landed a realtor and connected with Brian at the office. My 15 minute intro call with Brian took 35 and I felt he really wanted to get to know my goals and educate me on the areas under consideration." - Joseph

“Peter is my real estate mentor. As an investor for many years himself, he is extremely knowledgeable about the St. Louis area and helped me find my first four-family apartment building and negotiate a good deal. He is now managing the property. He is a very busy guy but he always promptly returns my phone calls/e-mails. He is generous in sharing his knowledge about real estate investing with others. Check out his Meet-Up Group, Dinner with a Mentor." - Sue

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