Simple Real Estate Investing.

Well, what does that mean? That means Mogul Realty provides clients with a streamlined solution to the many nuances involved in real estate investing. Starting as an investor means buying property. Usually there’s rehab involved next. After that, if you’re looking for income from renting the property, there’s ongoing maintenance and management.

Simplicity, in this case, means having one contact you can rely on to handle all of the above. No need to manage and coordinate between real estate agents, contractors and tenants — just one contact point that will keep you apprised of everything you need to know and that will doggedly represent your best interests. That’s our approach, and it’s what sets us apart.

Instead of Many, One

Providing those services in one touchpoint means combining the services of multiple companies, all owned by Peter Mackercher, under one umbrella. Since real estate endeavors start with buying, Mogul Realty has become the face of Peter’s real estate career.

Working in St. Louis, MO, Peter’s skillset covers the gamut of real estate investing. Our focus is on multi-family investment properties, especially older brick buildings in need of renovations. St. Louis offers many incentives and grants to support rehabilitation projects and lead abatement for older properties. The large amount of prospective properties makes it a great market for anyone looking to start or expand their investing in real estate.

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