Brian Miller

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Brian came to real estate after falling in love with his favorite E word, equity. Brian has a degree in advertising and marketing from Missouri State University and started out investing in real estate through rehabbing and flipping single family homes. During the reign of HGTV real estate investing shows his mom caught the REI bug, bought a flip, and then came down with a case of “unscrupulous contractoritis”. Brian became an agent to be the honest, reliable, go-to guy that his mom didn’t find when she started investing. A local native with a background in construction management and finance, Brian offers our clients detailed knowledge of the rehab process and the St. Louis market, and his himself an investor.

Brian soared into his role here at Mogul, and over the last few years we’re proud to say he’s become St. Louis’s #1 multi-family agent in 2018, closing more deals than anyone else in the area. Brian has continuously delivered for client after client, learning constantly about the market and the specific needs of real estate investors along the way. If you want a property in the city, he’s your guy.

For all the running around Brian does he can’t get enough of being outside, so he loves to go kayaking, fishing, and hiking, and he’s also a big sports guy. Brian also loves getting into home improvement projects and managing his own properties.

Peter MacKercher

Peter Mackercher is the principal and investment property specialist at Mogul Realty. With over a decade of experience in real estate in St. Louis, he brings tested strategies and knowledge to every project he works on.