Real Estate Investment in St. Louis, MO

In recent years, real estate investment has become a popular way to supplement income and accrue wealth. If you would like to start your property investment journey in St. Louis, MO, the team at Mogul Realty is prepared to help you.

Real Estate Investment Services

The members of our team have extensive investment property experience, both from our time with Mogul Realty and from our personal histories with investment properties. We specialize in multi-family properties so that you can maximize your revenue when you rely on our real estate investment services.

We simplify the real estate investing process by being your go-to for every part of the process, from purchasing to rehabbing to ultimately managing your property. We offer concrete solutions to the problems you may face during and after the process of a real estate transaction. We’ll be by your side from the time you begin your search, through negotiating a contract, and long after you close on a property.

We have listings all over St. Louis, so your options for real estate are limitless. In addition to connecting you with properties, we connect tenants with you. Our site not only lists the properties available for you to purchase, it also lists your rental properties for potential tenants to browse.

Construction and Rehabilitation Services

When we say we’ll be there for you throughout your time investing in real estate, we really mean it. We are proud to not only offer realty and property management consultation, but also provide construction and renovation services for your properties.

Instead of searching for contractors to work on your property, rely on our subsidiary company, STL Renovation, for work you can trust. We are familiar with the local codes, especially when it comes to renovating historical buildings in St. Louis. Keep all of your property management resources consolidated by trusting your repairs and construction projects to us.

If you want to start on a streamlined real estate investment journey, call us at 314.865.1170 so we can offer you all of our services.